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Gaelic League was established for the preservation of Irish culture and the promotion of Irish as a spoken, everyday language. Founded in Ireland in 1893, the Dublin-based Gaelic League continues its work today through local branches in Ireland and around the world.

We strive to preserve the language and culture of Ireland, and feel that with hard work and dedication, those in Ireland and abroad can make a genuine step towards promoting the beautiful and vital culture against threats of standardization. Irish is a viable language that has adapted to the modern age; we feel that it is worth saving and perpetuating for generations to come.

Because we wish to promote the language as well as the culture, we encourage people to take classes and use Irish whenever possible, and we facilitate learning groups and classes. However, the only pre-requisite for joining the Gaelic League is a love of the Celtic cultures and a desire to share in our common love of Celtic music, art, literature, history and language.

Gaelic League of Austin, the Austin branch of the Gaelic League, wishes to serve all Celtic groups and interested individuals.

We hold meetings at 3 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month, at La Madeleine cafe at 3418 north lamar, where we gather to have fun, discuss future events, and learn something new about Celtic cultures. We hold open board meetings to discuss League business. We also offer workshops, classes, and events (both formal and informal) on Irish language and history. Events have included CELTIC REELS: An Evening of Irish Film, Irish music, and dancing.

As a member, you will receive a monthly email newsletter which includes updates on events and classes, national Gaelic contacts, and Irish stories.

The Gaelic League of Austin also offers the opportunity to meet and network with other Celtic organizations such as the Austin Celtic Association, the Austin Celtic Festival, and the Texas Highlanders.

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Questions and Queries may be directed to:
Conradh na Gaeilge
P.O. Box 729
Austin, TX 78767-0729

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